Annual RPSA conference “Russia in the new political reality: the strategy and the methods of the development”, Moscow, RANEPA, November, the 25th -26th 2016

The invitation to the participation in the scientific RPSA conference

“Russia in the new reality: the strategy and the methods of the development”

Moscow, November, the 25th – 26th 2016

Dear colleagues,

On the 25th – 26th of November 2016 Russian Political Science Association in cooperation with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (School of Public Policy) and Academy of Political science organize All-Russian scientific conference with international participation “Russia in the new reality: the strategy and the methods of the development”.

The venue of the conference: Moscow, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

The aim of the conference – to analyse new political tendencies caused by the events of the years 2014-2016 in Russia and in the world; to identify the prospects and the potential of Russian politics after the elections to the State Duma in 2016; to consider the political conditions for the sustainable development of Russia in the short term.

The core thematic areas of the conference:

  1. The main topics

-        The political reality as the object for philosophical reflexion

-        Russian state: sovereignty and competitiveness

-        The public administration in Russia: the effectiveness and the reforms

-        The local self-government in Russian Federation

-        The political parties and the elections of the deputies to the State Duma in 2016

-        Russian federalism: the problems and the development prospects

-        The civil society in Russia: the strategies and the development dynamics

-        The politics and the economics in the new geopolitical environment

-        The problems of Russian sustainable development

-        The public policy in Russia

-        The political communications in Russia and in the world

-        Russian policy in the international conflicts

-        The priorities of Russian foreign policy


  1. The thematic sessions of Research committees

-        Gender projections of the socio-political transformations (Research committee on gender politics)

-        Institutional foundations for the electoral authoritarianism: the peculiarities of national, subnational and local orders (RC on institutional researches)

-        The changing world and Russia (RC on World Politics study)

-        The transformation of Russian political consciousness: political and psychological analysis (RC on political psychology)

-        The public request and the civil response: the bases for the interaction of the authorities and the society in modern Russia (RC on political sociology)

-        RC on political elitology

-        The Ombudsperson Institution and public human rights organizations: the interaction experience (RC on human rights concerns)

-        The network environment of public policy: national and local comparisons (RC on comparative political science)

-        Public policy and civil society in the context of the dilemma “stability –  change”  of the modern political system (RC on civil society, conflicts and public policy)

-        RC on public policy and administration

-        The idea of the conflict and the conflict of ideas (in the military religious, political and other spheres; inside the state, between the states and etc.) (RC on ideas and ideologies study in public sphere/ RC on exploring ideas and ideologies in public sector)

-        The regional politics and the authorities: the challenges for administrative effectiveness, civil partnership, the quality of public services (RC on political region study)

-        E-democracy and electronic participation as the components of the modern political system (RC “ Information technologies in the politics”)

-        The political governance in the global instability (RC on political governance)

-        Russian geo-strategy and security in political crises and economic sanctions (RC on geo-politics and security)

-        Communication in politics: creation, distribution and impact of relevant messages (RC on political communication studies)

-        The transformation of Russian party system according to federal and regional election results from 18 September 2016 (RC on comparative study of party and electoral systems)

-        Civil, national, ethnic identities: compatibility issues (RC on political identity)

-        Political discourse and political reality: the method of creating political theory (RC on political conceptology)

-        The field of research of economic political science (RC on government, business and civil society)

-        Qualitative methods of political analysis and the quality of policy-oriented analytical work in Russia (RC on political analysis)

The organization of roundtables (without preliminary applications) is being planned on the following themes:

¨      Communicative environment of election campaign in 2016

¨      The truth and the politics: the political thought of Hannah Arendt (devoted to the 110th anniversary of H. Arendt’s birth)

¨      The networking techniques of eParticipation: the balance between the pressure authorities and crowdsourcing

¨      Internet technologies as a tool for “colored revolutions”


In order to participate in the conference fill in the registration form on the web site of RPSA and attach the theses of Your report in the form of MS Word file in the period of the 10th of May till the 10th of September 2016.

The requirements to the thesis design:  The theses of the performance are presented in the form of MS Word file, the name of which is corresponded with the surname and initials of the author (for instance, ivanovii.doc). The volume of the theses – 3000-5000 symbols, including spaces. The references are standard (paginal), with full bibliographic description. The typeface is TimesNewRoman, the fontsize is 14, the interval is 1.

It is necessary to mention in the round brackets the city and with the comma the abbreviation of the university/organisation after the surname and the initials of the author (For instance: Ivanov V.A. (Moscow, RSUH)). The name of the theses is presented with capital letters. All the theses should be thoroughly proofread and edited.

The program committee has a right to choose theses according to the assessment of their content and their design.

The Collection of Theses of Reports is to be published by the opening of the conference. The theses, which significantly exceed the volume pre-determined above, will not be published. The applications received will be examined by the experts.


The invitations will be sent out to the participants till the 15th of October 2016.

The participation in the conference involves the payment of the registration fee - 1500 RUB (for the members of RPSA – 1000 RUB, for the members of Council of young scientists of RPSA – 350 RUB).

Extra information about the registration fee may be found in the invitation for the conference.

Conference e-mail address:

The Conference Organizing committee: Gaman-Golutvina O.V. (committee chairwoman), Timofeeva L.N. (deputy chairperson), Vaslavskiy Y.I., Vdovichenko L.N., Zaslavskiy S.E., Ilicheva L.E., Konkov A.E., Kochetkov A.P., Mchedlova M.M., Okunev I. Y., Patrushev S.V., Sokolov A.V., Solovyov A.I., Sungurov A.Y., Shabrov O.F., Shapovalov V.L., Shestakova M.N.

The Conference Program committee: Smorgunov L.V. (chairman), Ayvazova S.G., Gluhova A.V., Degtyaryov A.A., Komarovsky V.S., Ledyaev V.G., Lebedeva M.M., Malinova O.Y., Morozova E.V., Nikovskaya L.I., Popova O.V., Rimsky V.L., Semenenko I.S., Chugrov S.V., Shestopal E.B.

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