Приветствие президента Международной ассоциации политической науки Леонардо Морлино в адрес V Всероссийского конгресса политологов

Dear participants and guests of the 5th Russian Political Science Congress!

I am pleased to send you greetings on behalf of International Political Science Association – a worldwide association bringing together fifty national associations, about a hundred institutional and over 3 600 individual members from all over the world. Russian Political Science Association and many of the participants of your congress are part of our big family.

Political scientists of your country joined ISPA in 1955 at the 3rd World Political Science Congress in Stockholm. Their participation in IPSA activities was highlighted by the 11th World Political Science Congress that took place in Moscow in 1979.

Since 1998 Russian Political Science Association organizes national congresses. This year is marked by the 5th congress that takes place in Moscow from November 20 to 22, 2009. The main topic of the Congress is “Changes in Politics and Policies of Changes: Strategies, Institutions, Actors”. The program of the Congress includes plenary, special and thematic sessions, round tables, lectures of guest speakers, debates, business meetings of RPSA Research Committees, and a forum of young political scientists. Over seven hundred people are expected to participate in the congress. More then five hundred papers have been included into its program.

Annual meetings of Russian Political Science Association and its youth section would be held concurrently with the congress.

As an international scholarly association whose mission is to promote the advancement of political science through the collaboration of scholars in different parts of the world, IPSA would very much welcome contribution of Russian colleagues, of RPSA, of its regional chapters and research committees to cooperation of political scientists throughout the world.

At the moment RPSA runs a very important project of visits of prominent political scientists of the world to your country. It is a very timely and promising initiative. I wish you all the success in accomplishment of the initiative. I look forward to greater international involvement of Russian political scientists in activities of IPSA particularly since such an involvement is deeply rooted in the history of your membership in IPSA.

Leonardo Morlino
President IPSA
Опубликовано: 01.12.09