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В.В. ЖЕЛТОВ, М.В. ЖЕЛТОВ, Авторитет: понятие, роль в политике и власти: монография / 25.09.20
Желтов В. В., Желтов М.В., Движение Желтых жилетов во Франции и социальный конфликт в рыночном обществе / 16.04.20
отв. ред. С.В. Патрушев, Л.Е. Филиппова, Господство против политики: российский случай. Эффективность институциональной структуры и потенциал стратегий политических изменений / 27.02.20
отв. ред. О.В.Гаман-Голутвина, А.И.Никитин, Современная политическая наука. Методология / 09.02.20
Фишман, Л. Г., Мартьянов, В. С., Давыдов, Д. А., Рентное общество: в тени труда, капитала и демократии / 11.11.19
под ред. Ю.Г. Чернышова, Дневник Алтайской школы политических исследований № 35. Современная Россия и мир: альтернативы развития (Политика памяти и формирование международного имиджа страны) / 11.11.19
В.В. ЖЕЛТОВ, М.В. ЖЕЛТОВ, Движение Желтых жилетов во Франции: политический контекст, социальные силы, мотивация / 21.08.19
Е.Б. Шестопал, Власть и лидеры в восприятии российских граждан. Четверть века наблюдений (1993-2018) / 14.06.19
М. В. Гаврилова, Политическая коммуникация, современное государство и мировой порядок / 08.05.19
Отв. ред. О. В. Гаман-Голутвина, А. И. Никитин, Современная политическая наука: Методология: Учебник для магистрантов и аспирантов. / 11.04.19
Желтов В. В., Ислам и демократия: религиозно-правовые основания и политическая трансформация в мусульманском мире: монография / 05.04.19
под. ред. В.А. Тишкова, Е.А. Пивневой, Историческая память и российская идентичность / 05.04.19
А.В. Дука, Власть и элиты / 18.03.19
Молокова М. А., Кочетков А. П., Никовская Л. И. (отв. секр.), Сморгунов Л. В. (отв. ред.), Якимец В. Н, Публичная политика. Институты, цифровизация, развитие / 29.01.19
Гаман-Голутвина О.В., Никитин А.И., Современная политическая наука. Методология. 2-е, дополненное издание. / 21.01.19

Российская Ассоциация Политической Науки

Международная ассоциация политической науки (IPSA)

IPSA Newsletter, October 2020

IPSA NEWSLETTER - October 2020
IPSA is holding an online conference to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The event, titled “The UN at 75: Challenges and Prospects for the Future of Multilateralism”, runs from October 19 to 21.
Amongst our Confirmed Special Keynote Speakers
  • H.E. Bob Rae, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the UN 
  • Dr. Marianne Kneuer, President of IPSA
  • Mr. Michel Bonsaint, Representative of the Government of Quebec in the Permanent Delegation of Canada to UNESCO
  • Dr. Graham Carr, President and Vice-Chancellor, Concordia University
  • Mr. Lutz Feldt, Vice Admiral (ret.) of the German Navy
  • Dr. Rohinton P. Medhora, President, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)
  • Dr. Cecilia Cannon, Academic Adviser to the United Nations for the 75th anniversary dialogues on global cooperation
Reduced Fee for IPSA Members
Please note that IPSA members can benefit from a lower conference registration fee, while IPSA student members can register FREE OF CHARGE!
If you have any questions, please contact us at events@ipsa.org.
For further information concerning the speakers, program and registration, please visit the conference page.
Deadline: 20 October
Do you have a new research paper or panel you would like to present at the 2021 IPSA World Congress of Political Science (July 10 to 14, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal)?
You still have five days to submit your proposal!
We accept new and revised paper and Closed Panel proposals for the following sessions:
  • Research Committees (RC)
  • General Sessions (GS)
  • Local Organizing Committee Sessions (LOC)
Due to the high volume of proposals already scheduled in the program, we will not be able to accept more open panels.
Earlier this year, the United Nations launched a global consultation to mark its 75th anniversary, at a time of great challenges, none greater than the worst global health crisis in its history. Through surveys and dialogues, the UN surveyed people about their hopes and fears for the future in an ambitious effort to understand their expectations for international cooperation and the UN in particular. This was also its largest survey to date on priorities for recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Follow @JoinUN75 and #UN75 on social media and add your voice to the testimonials from people who have already taken part.
Your views can make a difference. All it takes is one minute!
Events, Jobs, Call for Proposals
4-6 November 2020
Helsinki, Finland
14-17 December 2020
Deadline: 31 October 2021
Deadline: 1 February 2021
IPSA Members' Latest Releases
By Terrell Carver 
By Mohd Aminul Karim
By David A. Baldwin
and Ethan Kapstein
By Maurice Satineau 
By Maurice Satineau 
By Hatem M'rad 
Explore the many advantages and services of becoming an IPSA member and renew your membership for 2021 now. Your involvement with IPSA is crucial to furthering our mission to promote the advancement of political science throughout the world.
IPSA Membership Benefits
1. Register for IPSA World Congress 2021 in Lisbon
2. Connect with the IPSA Community
3. Promote your Work
4. Take part in IPSA Research Committees
5. Access to Online Publications
6. Past Conferences Proceedings Library
1. With less than a month to go before the U.S. election, the Pew Research Center is following the main public opinion trends in an effort to understand which way the wind is blowing. Not much has changed in recent weeks, Joe Biden maintains his polling lead over Donald Trump, including on most major issues and key personal traits, and in overall voter preferences. An absolute majority of registered voters (57%) say they are very or somewhat confident in Biden’s ability to handle the public health impact of the coronavirus, while 40% express a similar level of confidence in Trump. Also observed was the trend reflecting a decrease in attention to the pandemic among Republican voters before Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. Further analyses are available – and continuously updated – on the PRC website (Research Institute on the IPSAPortal).
2. Founded in 2004, The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) is an European Union agency whose mission is to strengthen Europe's defenses against infectious diseases. Core functions include surveillance, epidemic intelligence, and response. The ECDC website provides a range of updated data on the COVID-19 pandemic, including an epidemic curve and contagion rates, geographic distribution within Europe and worldwide, to go along with surveillance reports and risk assessments. Population data is based on the World Bank data catalogThe site also features interactive situation dashboards with a chart, map and table view, thus allowing users to browse enhanced data on age, gender, hospitalization and admission to intensive care. This forms part of the European Union response to COVID-19 (Institutions on the IPSAPortal).
3. Enforced lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have put the spotlight back on open education resources, lifelong learning and wellness. The ambitious Europeana project aims to make Europe’s cultural and scientific resources accessible to all for enjoyment, education and research. Europeana works with thousands of European archives, libraries and museums, and its database provides free access to millions of digital items. You can browse the collections based on topics, scroll through the teacher section, or use the straightforward search function with detailed filters (date, media type, license etc). A section on wellness pairs well with other open resources on MOOC platforms that highlight the importance of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic (Library Catalogues on the IPSAPortal).
International Political Science Association | Montreal, Canada | ipsa.org
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